The Real Reason Your Restaurants Are So Much Better Than Your Company



When I was growing up, my family ate in a lot of restaurants.

A lot.

And to me, those restaurants were organized and efficient businesses where everyone knew what to do and things ran smoothly. 

Like where my father, an officer in a Fortune 500 company, worked.

In my 11-year-old mind, that is.

Then I actually began to work and saw how companies put on a great outside face for the world while, inside, they have many challenges.

For more on this, watch the short video below.

Greatness Can Be Learned:
What My Dad Taught Me About Happiness and Business


Some of the “best” restaurants – where their owners put their heart and soul, creativity, hospitality, and love – have not-so-great organizations backing them up.

This occurs when building restaurants comes more naturally to the owner than building companies.

It’s What’s on the Inside That Matters

Many companies that look great from the outside don’t look so good from the inside.

Almost 30 years into helping my clients – successful owners of independent multi-unit restaurant groups – I know a lot that a child would never understand.  

The most successful companies that focus on becoming better at sustaining, growing, and protecting themselves from competition yield the highest net worth for their owners, and also give them personal freedom to enjoy their success.

Many of my clients to make more money than they’d ever imagined in their whole lives.

People in their communities see them as a huge success and think they lead a glamorous life.

And that’s even before we work together to conquer their internal issues.

Or before I point out opportunities that aren’t evident to them.

I’ve Seen It All

I have never walked into a new client company and said, “You’re so great; I have nothing to make you better.”

That respected brand with hella-good cash flow and no organization to support it?

We changed it so the owner could leave and the business could grow.  

The revered restaurant group that had only ever promoted from within?

We improved it so they knew how to both preserve their culture and benefit from outside knowledge and best practices the industry has perfected – increasing their sales and profits.

The high-volume group that jumped from real estate deal to real estate deal without any coherent strategy?

We created a strategy they could follow so they had reliable earnings for the first time in their life.

Over to you. Identify the big, hidden opportunity for your company – the opportunity your guests can’t see. Or the one you keep hidden from yourself. Hit reply, email me, and we will talk about that.