What tasted good in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.

You may have seen Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop in Vegas. Now, it’s coming to North Texas. The Dallas Business Journal recently wrote about their entry into the market. Staff Writer Steven Thompson asked me about its prospects. The sandwich restaurant segment is becoming focused on menu development, which gives a quality sandwich provider a good shot to compete. Capriotti’s designated a Dallas-Fort Worth franchisee who forecast growth to 50-65 stores in this area. That made me smile. I remember when Italian Oven forecast 100 stores, and Food Star forecast 40 stores. Anyone seen any of those lately?

Everybody has to have goals, but the way you get there is to first open one, then open a few at a time.

The possibility of Capriotti’s entering the market added to my recent reflections on business growth in a down economy. When you read the newspaper or turn on the TV you might think the end is near. But there is plenty of opportunity out there. All of our clients are either growing or pursuing avenues for growth. Not one is standing still. Is that counterintuitive or just the way life works? I am writing more on the subject in this months’ Surrender newsletter. To subscribe, contact our Client Concierge at info@surrender.biz