How Top Restaurateurs Get Off the Sidelines Before They’re Sidelined for Good

Any restaurant owners out there who want to feel better?

If so, I recommend spending some time right now improving your restaurant company with the future in mind.

Restaurant owners who live in the middle (or wherever we exist now) of this pandemic feel a lot better when they focus on the future, remember that it will occur, and that it will be great!

Everyone needs a reminder about that – like one set to go off on your phone every day.

How to Win When This Mess Ends

When this mess ends – when restaurants have busy dining rooms and bars again – the people who took action to prepare their restaurants to dominate their segments will win.  

How do I know? Because it’s the same thing that occurred in every one of the 4 downturns I have conquered in my career.

One group of people never leaves the playing field.

They know that a crisis reveals opportunities.

So they ruthlessly work on those opportunities – knowing and trusting the temporary nature of a crisis.

They take advantage of newfound time to prepare so, when revenue eventually starts to increase and their company and brand’s issues have been corrected, they gain out of proportion to their market share.

Record sales and profits.

When that happens, the people who waited on the sidelines – the ones who had thought, “When the sales start to come I’ll finally feel safe spending time and money improving…then and only then” – will only start blowing the dust off their laptops.  

And quickly realize that the time has passed them by.

Someone else got there first.  

Take Action on What the Pandemic Taught You

Restaurateurs who work with me take action now.

If you want to test the strength of the people in your organization and how well you have developed them, throw them into a pandemic.

My clients re-organize how people work together, what they focus on, how they communicate and live the culture, and become accountable during the absolutely oddest circumstances they will ever encounter in their careers.

By handling things now, they’ll be at championship level once the crisis goes away.

Where they’ve realized those they had previously identified as strong have not been able to lead effectively through a crisis, they make personnel and responsibility changes.

It takes the best and most talented people to move through tough times and eventually come back to historic or greater revenue and profit.  

My top clients see the huge talent pool out there looking for a better job, or just looking for any job.

Take action every day to make your people and company better for the long term.

Over to you. What action takes place in your organization to ensure you come out on top?